Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Sunday February 25: Barbara Lindenberg

Bio: Barbara Lindenberg
(drawing of Barb by Jennifer Castle)
Barbara Lindenberg, choreographer/performer/co-producer of the Up Darling series, is originally from Victoria, BC. Since graduating from York University’s Dance Program, she has had the pleasures of traveling to interesting places, witnessing and participating in inspiring art, and meeting kind and talented people.As a performer, Barbara has enjoyed working with Sara Porter, Learie McNicolls, Magali Charrier, Hope Terry, Megan English, Denise Duric, Aimée Dawn Robinson, Kd’D2 (a Kaeja Dance project) and other artists.

Her recent choreographic works include a group piece which was presented at Up Darling 3 in October 2006, and 2 solo works incorporating 16mm film. She recently traveled to Shanghai with her 2003 solo piece Through Glass and Water.

Barb writes about her work for this performance:

Barbara Lindenberg will be presenting, Second Thoughts, a new solo work. The movement is drawn from a collection of impulses and is then re-composed in a calculated manner. Inspired by the process of decision making, Second Thoughts is as much an exercise in process as it is a revealing look into the artists’ calendar of emotions.

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