Sunday, May 27, 2007

Sunday, June 24: The Guayaveras

Bio: The Guayaveras
The guayavera is the national dress shirt of Puerto Rico, bountiful with embroidered ornaments running through its characteristic four pockets. The Guayaveras (Eric Chenaux and Ryan Driver) play music indoors and out.
Inside, The Guayaveras play myopically detailed post-punk electro improvised music with prepared/bowed guitar and polyphonous analog synth. Outdoors, the Guayaveras have performed their tropical adornments for promiscuous lovers of summer song on Paul's porch in Kensington Market (the site of last years Guayaveras' in the market cdr, on the patio of Ideal Coffee, at the entrance to the Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery and a forgotten glittery shoe store on Queen street near Spadina.
Photo of guayaveras by Marla Hlady.