Monday, March 22, 2010


Anna can be seen from great distances, whole city blocks away, across ponds, maybe even lakes, from one mountain top to another. It’s her hair, each strand with a life of it’s own. Expanding towards you, back towards her and then to you again, not quite curls but something like that. There is a life force in this hair, a manifestation of an open curiosity and a discerning intelligence (with a special and particular aptitude for detail). Anna’s hair has taken on the character and spirit of her brain and for this we are all thankful! Seen in and experienced through this wild splay of human thread is Anna’s interest in all things unruly and encompassing. Though with closer inspection, with an eye to the many knots, caverns and twisty turns, one can see Anna’s commitment to the complexity of minutia; the intricate, well defined veins of a leaf. This orientation to the big and broad, alongside, the small and intricate has brought Anna to the study of both organic and inorganic structures; the building and the beehive, the scream and the tape recorder. Her mind topped with such a mass of hair has found itself in the world of architecture, entomology, noise making, puppetry and drawing. Following the direction of her locks Anna looks forward, sideways, backward, straight- up and straight- down. - written by Myera Waese


When a butterfly has wings that look like the eyes of an owl and a bug looks like the twig it is sitting on: Anna will present some findings on entomological mimicry through the form of a lecture with demonstrative drawings.

photo of Meagan by Omer Yukseker

Meagan O’Shea/Stand Up Dance work includes: based on actual unrelated events (2009), Coffee for One (2007), dance like no one is watching, something blue (2006), As I unravel small maps of my spirit (2005), First Kissed/Intimate Awkward (2004), Night Stills (2003). Meagan has created ensemble work the School of Dance (2010), York Dance Ensemble (2010), IDAC (‘08 & ‘06), Loose Confederacy of Newfoundland (2004), Crimson Coast Dance Society (2004), YMI Dancing (1999-2008), and for Dusk Dances (2002) and Dance Ontario (2001).

Meagan has been guest artist in residence at fabrik Potsdam in Germany, New Dance Alliance(NYC), Earthdance(MA), Dance Base in Scotland, and in Canada at Le Groupe Dance Lab, Sunshine Coast Dance Society, The Banff Centre, and The Theatre Centre. She also works as a director, creative facilitator and teacher. She is co-founder (2004) and co-artistic director of hub14 Art & Performance Works, an organization that supports dance and related arts through presentation, workshop and residency programs.


Interested in the process of translation between idea and action, Meagan works in the abstract and the concrete. Improvising, planning, and mapping out instructions, sometimes quoting, often clever, Meagan intertwines ideas and concepts to create an original web making the banal spectacular and revealing the spectacular to be common place. In the spirit of A Month of Sundays, Meagan will create a structure for performance over the course of a month of Sundays.

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