Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Allison Peacock is an artist based in Toronto, working primarily with dance, performance and video. Her choreography has been presented at Movement Research at the Judson Church (in collaboration with Victoria Cheong), Extermination Music Night, the Yukon Arts Centre and the Canada Dance Festival. She holds a B.A. from the University of Toronto, completed training at the School of Toronto Dance Theatre, and pursued international training projects through the support of the Canada Council for the Arts.


As of March 1st 2010 I will rehearse the same series of movements daily until performing as part of A Month of Sundays. For several years I have been committed to improvisation as the primary source for movement generation, and have refused to repeat performances on the ground that a fundamental part of the experience of dance is its temporality. I have also been subjugating movement material for conceptual ideas, and using technology in a way that could be interpreted as an interruption. Now, for simplicity’s sake, I am just going to practice one thing everyday in the limited space I live in. The culture of dance is committed to the idea of practice as a way to refine movement and allow the body to fully convey information. I would like to revisit this idea with a renewed interest, after having worked for several years to change movement patterns that were integral in my professional training as a dancer. Practice will also be the first installment of three parts, in which a single movement performance is expressed in a variety of presentations.

Christie Pearson is an artist, writer and architect who makes poems, sculptures, buildings, events, performances and installations. She is a member of Scapegoat: Architecture, Landscape and Political Economy editorial board; The Wade Collective festival of installation and performance art (www.wadetoronto.com); THE WAVES sound events (www.thewaves.ca); and Urbanvessel performance collective (www.urbanvessel.org). Her work has been presented in venues such as Alphabet City, Ascent, Canadian Centre for Architecture, Descant, Goethe Institute, On Site, Senses and Society, York Quay Gallery.


Christie Pearson will be reading from her prose pomes Geneology and Stomachache.

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