Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Sunday February 11: Aimée Dawn Robinson

Photo: John Lauener

ADR writes about her work for this performance:
One of two things will happen. I might show a version of a new group piece I am working on called The No-Mystery Project (which involves dancers interacting with a recorded instruction score) or I might perform the ninth installment in my ongoing improvisation series, mother drift dances to the songs on her head. In this series, I cover songs -- by reacting to/with the music in memory and by making a replication of the song, however filtered, altered and imperfect it becomes through performance. In this series to date, I have danced to songs by James Brown, Jimi Hendrix, Neil Young, Jennifer Castle and British Isles folk musicians Waterson:Carthy, Silly Sisters, Dick Gaughan and Nic Jones. This time I will hear a Carla Bley tune called Ida Lupino.


David Sok Dara said...

I am curious. DId you grow up in London Ontario?

motherdrift said...

Hello David Sok Dara....

Did i put glue in your hair in grade school?

If you are formerly David Marshall, i would love to
see you.

Take care,