Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Sunday February 18: Ame Henderson

Bio:Ame Henderson
Ame Henderson is a dance artist originally from Vancouver Island and currently living in Toronto. Her works Blue* *Disco (2002), memories and statements (2004), Manual for Incidence (2005), /Dance/Songs/ (2006), and the ongoing investigation The Instruction Project (2006) have been presented in Croatia, The Netherlands and Canada. Public Recordings, founded in 2004, is a developing structure to support and produce her creative projects. As a performer, Ame collaborates regularly with Small Wooden Shoe and recently appeared in the work of Tino Sehgal. Ame was a participant in the panel “Fragile Positions: Performance in the 21st Century” in Halifax (2004) and in the research project Clash (2006/2007) initiated by Lynda Gaudreau. Ame is a co-director of Hub 14, a performance and research space in Toronto.

Ame writes about her work for this performance:
instructions for a dance apart #2 / Toronto

The Instruction Project is an accumulating set of experiments initiated by Ame Henderson that have so far involved a number of artists from Montreal and Toronto. At the core of this research are curiosities about transference, translation and communication, especially as these ideas relate to dancing and presence. For A Month of Sundays, Ame navigates between two subjective sets of instructions for recreating an event that she did not attend.

Instructions: Claudia Fancello and Katie Ewald

Special Guest: Jacob Zimmer

Music: Scott Maynard

Thanks to Eric Craven.

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