Sunday, May 27, 2007

Sunday June 10: Aaron Lumley and Neil Sochasky

Bio: Aaron Lumley

Aaron Lumley is a Toronto-based double bassist working primarily in the field of free improvisation. He leads a psychedelic free jazz band called ZZ Sharrock and collaborates regularly with Brandon Valdivia, Colin Fisher, Jonathan Adjemian, Matt Dunn, and Tilman Lewis. His experience with dance includes improvising duos with Alix Bemrose, Neil Sochasky, and Julia Sasso.

Bio: Neil Sochasky:

Raised in New Brunswick with a wise dog, a friendly goose, and a sister who knew too much for her own good, Neil Sochasky survived a career in international espionage (don't tell his mom) and found modern dance. In the years since he has worked with TDT, CCDT, the YDE, NMDT, Corpus' DD, Kd'D (some other acronyms) and originated roles in works by numerous independent artists including Eryn Dace Trudell, D.A. Hoskins, Meagan O'Shea, Julia Sasso, Holly Small, and Michael Trent. He's now found a home amongst the fine fellows at Dancemakers. Neil has recently taken up the ancient art of Thai Yoga Massage and gives a darn good massage between dance gigs and gluten-free meals.

Aaron writes of this performance:

Neil and I have been improvising together since January. This ongoing process has provided each of us with an opportunity to explore the relationship between sound and movement. We're not interested in constructing pieces where the musician accompanies the dancer, or the dancer follows the music. Instead, we have been concentrating on finding ways for the musician and the dancer to contribute equally in the shaping of a single performance.

Photo of Aaron by Michael Keith
Photo of Neil by Ella Cooper

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