Sunday, May 27, 2007

Sunday June 10: Josh Thorpe

Bio: Josh Thorpe

Josh Thorpe is a musician, artist, writer, and publisher living in Toronto. His first CD, Flocklight, is available on Rat-drifting, and others are due in 2007 on both Rat-drifting and Bennifer. He has a BFA from Simon Fraser University, where he studied interdisciplinary art and music with David McIntyre and Barry Truax, and an MA from York University, where he studied with James Tenney. In September, 2007, Thorpe will begin a master’s of visual studies at University of Toronto.

Thorpe's work has been performed at the neither/nor festivette, Mercer Union, the Music Gallery, Theatre La Chapelle, and other venues across Canada by Arraymusic, Continuum, the Draperies, Drumheller, and others. He also plays experimental rock and concert music on guitar, ukulele, mouth harp, odds and ends, and voice. His trio, The Thorpe, has played various locations in Toronto and New York and plans to release its debut CD, A Feedback Situation, in 2007. Thorpe has edited and published two books, Very Short Stories and Jokes of Toronto, has been published in Border Crossings art magazine, and has lectured at Trampoline Hall on the rescue and care of the infant opossum.
Josh plans for this performance:

New songs with guitar, uke, dictaphone, and other odds and ends. Possible players include Allison Cameron and Jennifer Castle.

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