Sunday, May 27, 2007

Sunday June 17: Renée Lear

Bio: Renée Lear
Renée Lear is a Toronto based visual artist. She works in a variety of media including film, photography, viewer-interactive installation and video. She is currently working with video mixing in live environments and site-specific video projection installations. Her work has been shown in galleries, ad hoc public spaces, dance clubs and performance spaces such as Forman Art Gallery in Quebec, Sixty Four Steps Contemporary Art and Design, Rat-drifting Series at Arraymusic Studio, El Mocambo, Labyrinth, Sneaky Dee’s and Turning Point at The Gladstone in Toronto. She has worked both solo and in collaboration with internationally recognized experimental musicians, indi dance performers and dj’s including Martin Arnold, The Reveries, NuBreed, Tinkertoy, Dave Dub, and A Man Called Warwick.
Renée writes of this performance:
The piece I present will be a continuation of my love affair with video and windows. Having fallen particularly hard for the Darling studio windows where A Month of Sundays takes place, I have already been building a collection of video material featuring them and their transparent/translucent qualities. For this particular Sunday, I intend to put together a site-specific video projection installation that makes use of my already existing collection and gives me an excuse to collect more. And the windows themselves will be the presentation surface for the installation.

Photo: Darling Window Under Wrap by Renée Lear

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